Tonic Tacos

Did You Know?
Mushrooms are amazing support for every function of your body.  Some of them compare in nutritional value to things like meat and milk while some of the lowest ranking mushrooms still have values like those of vegetables like carrots and turnips. 

Reishi has been considered to ‘enhance wisdom’.   

Other mushrooms have been studied for their beneficial effects in a variety of ailments: Shiitake and Oyster for anti-tumor effects, Turkey tail and shiitake for anti-viral, anti-biotic and immune benefits, with HIV and AIDS. Oyster, Turkey Tail, Hen of the Woods, and Shiitake for benefit with cancer patients.  Western science is just starting to delve into the world of the mushroom while traditionalists have been using them for thousands of years.  

Nettle Leaf is traditionally used as an overall body tonic and nutritional food. Herbalists have used it to support mucous membranes, digestive tract, as well as the respiratory and urinary systems.

This spice blend makes some delicious tacos and the smell will have your neighbors inviting themselves over for dinner, (true story, except it was the mail lady and not the neighbors...)

1 lb ground beef (grass-fed)
½ large onion, chopped
1 tablespoon Superfood Mushroom Southwest Blend
1 tsp salt (to taste)
½ cup water

Shredded Cheese
Sour cream

Add ground beef, onion, seasoning blends and salt to a pan and cook until meat is almost browned 
Add ½ cup water to the pan and turn the heat down to a light simmer to flavor well
Chop the veggies, shred the cheese, and warm the tortillas 
Pile the meat and Fixin’s on your tortilla or in a bowl and enjoy!

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