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Cold Kickin' Soup Gift Box

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Is someone you know feeling under the weather?

When you can't be there to take care of the ones you care about, send them the gift of a hearty bowl of Healing Soup.  Perfect for all kinds of seasonal ick. 

The Active Immune blend really helps clear out the mucous membranes and lets the lungs do their job.  


Each small Cold Kickin' Gift Box ($18.99) comes with:

(1) A cork bottle of Active Immune Soup Blend

(2) A jar of Better than Boullion (vegetable base)

(3) Recipe cards for Cold Kicken' Chicken Soup and Breathe Easy Basic Broth


Each large Cold Kickin' Box ($29.99) comes with:

(1) Everything you get in the small box

(2) A reuseable glass apothecary jar with Iching bottle jewelry hand-tied with a hemp cord and filled with ginger wellness tea

(3) A bundle of Honey sticks hand-tied with hemp cord.